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What is the IELTS General Training Test?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP IELTS, and Cambridge University Press & Assessment.

There are two versions of the IELTS exam: IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. Both IELTS tests assess your English language skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you are planning to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK, the IELTS General test is the one for you. If you want to attend college or university in an English-speaking country, then click here for more information about the IELTS Academic test.

The main difference between the two versions is that the Writing and Reading sections of the two tests are different. The IELTS General Training test contains topics based on general interest and features everyday English language skills that you will need in social and workplace environments. The IELTS Listening and Speaking sections are the same, regardless which test you choose.

The IELTS General test takes a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete, with Listening, Reading and Writing on the same day, and Speaking up to a week before or after. You can take the IELTS General test on paper in a test centre, or on a computer, either in a test centre or in the convenience of your own home.

To achieve the score you need in IELTS General, you need to be familiar with all parts of the test. You need to learn tips & strategies for tackling each question type successfully. You also need to complete lots of practice, with practice activities, assessments and mock tests. Plus, you need support from real teachers who are IELTS General experts, through one-on-one tutorials, live classes and feedback on your Speaking and Writing. You can get all this and more with E2 Test Prep’s IELTS General test preparation courses. No matter your time and budget, there’s a course to suit you. Check out all of our package options below.

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Your IELTS Course Features

High quality practice materials designed by ex-examiners

E2* has a full range of IELTS practice materials including tips & strategies, hundreds of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing practice and sample questions for all 22 IELTS General topics & question types. We also offer IELTS mock tests, plus Speaking & Writing feedback graded by former IELTS examiners.


Estimate your IELTS score range to get the IELTS band score you need faster with our IELTS General score calculator. This is a fast and simple way to estimate your IELTS band and CEFR score range to help you prepare for the IELTS General exam. Compare your estimated IELTS vs PTE and IELTS v TOEFL score ranges.


We offer hundreds of IELTS sample test questions, IELTS vocabulary lists and video lessons, as well as methods, tips & strategies, essay writing samples, and IELTS Speaking task samples, to guide you to a high IELTS band score. These include Writing & Reading practice activities tailored to the IELTS General version of the exam.


Join our IELTS live classes taught by our IELTS Band 9 expert teachers. Try a free sample live class and get tips & strategies for all IELTS General topic types, so you can practise and improve your skills with our sample questions and tests. Plus, improve your English skills with our free Grammar, Spelling and Pronunciation classes to get a high IELTS writing band score and IELTS Speaking band score.


Try our sample IELTS General mock tests to prepare for IELTS test centre conditions and improve your IELTS scores. Our E2 mock tests come with expert feedback and advice to improve your IELTS Listening score, Reading score, Speaking score and Writing score.


Our assessments come with expert teacher-graded feedback for IELTS General Writing Task 1 and IELTS General Writing Task 2, using IELTS Writing scoring criteria and the Writing band descriptors. We also offer expert feedback for IELTS Speaking Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, using the IELTS Speaking score criteria and Speaking band descriptors.


Improve your IELTS band score faster with IELTS coaching from our expert IELTS tutors in one-on-one tutorial sessions. Our IELTS tutors will guide you to a high IELTS score by helping you improve your exam skills.


Never miss an IELTS live class or English skills class with access to our IELTS recorded live class library. Learn IELTS skills, such as IELTS essay writing, and improve your English skills with our convenient recordings that you can watch any time, anywhere.


Use our bank of hundreds of grammar video lessons to improve your IELTS band scores. Good grammar is essential to scoring well in your test. Learn everything you need to know in our helpful classes with expert tutors.


We are confident you will improve your IELTS score with E2. That’s why we back our packages with a money-back guarantee. Just choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold package to enjoy peace of mind in your test preparation journey.


Packages IELTS General

We have an IELTS General course package to suit your needs and budget. All of our packages follow learning practices to combine the best of traditional learning – real-life expert teachers, fast feedback and one-on-one attention – with digital delivery, AI and 24/7 accessibility to provide a learning experience that can take place anytime, anywhere.

Each of our IELTS courses includes an IELTS General score calculator to quickly identify your indicative band score range right from the start, so you know what level you are at and what you need to focus on to improve. You will also receive hundreds of practice questions and access to several live classes with IELTS experts every week. Moreover, our IELTS practice tests, assessments with expert feedback and one-on-one tutorials are some of our most popular features.

Our Medal Packages are perfect for you if you want a full test preparation course covering all communicative skills and you want to enjoy access over a long period of time, such as six, nine or even twelve months. If you have less time before your test and you want to prepare quickly, check out our Express Packages. And if you are confident in your Listening and Reading skills and just want to focus on your Writing for IELTS Writing Task 1 or IELTS Writing Task 2, or your IELTS Speaking skills, then you will need one of our Intensive Packages.

By choosing the IELTS General package that is right for you, we can make sure you get the best possible help so you can achieve the score you need on test day.

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