Customised English Language Courses for Business Professionals

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About our Business English Courses

E2Language equips employees with articulate business English. We develop English language skills that are relevant and essential to your business environment.

Our online platform offers an engaging and effective learning experience that is tailored to industry or company needs.

Using purpose-built technology to deliver pedagogically sound lessons, we improve employees’ reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills. Our aim is to create a crisp and articulate language set across organizations.

Using qualified and experienced native English-speaking teachers, E2Language blends its online courses with expert one-on-one tuition or small-group live English classes.

Benefits of E2Language Courses

What sets us apart from other language providers is our unique ability to customise our courses based on your company’s specific needs.

Designed with flexibility and performance-tracking in mind, E2Language is 100% digital.

Employees have 24/7 access to our platform from anywhere in the world. Employers can set the duration and completion requirements - you tell us your requirements and we’ll tailor the course to suit you.

Measurable Outcomes

Employers can monitor the learning results on our real-time performance dashboard. E2Language administers world-class entry and exit diagnostic assessments that document clear and measurable results. We can also provide third party diagnostic assessment through our partnership with Cambridge University Language Assessment’s Business Language Testing Service (BULATS).

Employees will be able to achieve a proficient level of business English, tutored by a community of trained professionals and delivered on a robust and state-of-the-art online platform.

Contact Us

Email Colin at to discuss developing a customised language learning program for your company.

It has been shown that E2Language improves students’ grammatical comprehension by
It has been shown that E2Language improves students’ written accuracy by


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