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What is OET?

OET, meaning the Occupational English Test, is an internationally recognised English test created specially for healthcare professionals. Nurses take OET Nursing to prove their ability to communicate in English, in order to study or work in healthcare in countries where English is spoken. For Doctors, you should take the OET Medicine exam. You can find out all about our OET Medicine test preparation courses here.

The OET test is accepted by healthcare practices and universities in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai and Ireland. It is also an approved English exam for ECFMG certification.

OET Nursing is taken in the form of a computer-based test or a paper-based test. You can make your OET booking easily online, choosing from upcoming OET exam dates depending on your location. OET Nursing covers all four communicative skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The tasks are based on real workplace tasks, so you will learn skills and vocabulary that you will use in real life.

For OET scoring, you will receive a score from 0 to 500 and a grade from E to A, for each sub-test. The OET score you need will depend on the workplace, institution or country you are applying to. If you want to know how to start your OET preparation, you should sign up for FREE to E2 language and begin studying for the OET online today. You will have access to all the OET exam preparation material you need, such as Methods for tackling each part of the test, many OET exam examples and OET practice tests, tutorials and live classes with expert teachers, assessments, feedback on your Speaking and Writing, and more. See our package options below.

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Your OET Course Features

High quality practice materials designed by ex-examiners

E2’s suite of OET practice materials includes video lessons, overviews, methods with tips and strategies, OET practice tests, mini mock tests, OET Speaking samples and OET Writing samples, as well as feedback on your Speaking and Writing by former examiners.


Find out your OET score range by using our score estimator. It is a quick way to predict your OET and CEFR score range so you can identify where you need to improve, to help you prepare for the OET exam faster. Compare your estimated OET vs IELTS and OET vs TOEFL score ranges.


E2’s OET hub offers you access to many OET sample tests. Completing the OET exam examples is key to your exam preparation and test day success.


Expert OET teachers lead regular OET live classes, which give you all the tips & strategies you need to do well in each part of the OET exam. You will also have access to FREE Grammar, Spelling and Pronunciation classes, which can help you achieve a high OET Writing score and OET Speaking score.


For practice taking the OET test, our Mini Mock Tests will give you the experience and confidence you need. Our expert markers will give you feedback with advice on how to improve your OET Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.


E2 assessments come with expert teacher-graded feedback on your OET Speaking and OET Writing. These are graded using the OET Speaking nad Writing Criteria, so you know how well you will do in the actual exam, and where you need to improve so you don’t keep making the same mistakes.


You will also have access to one-on-one tutorials online, to get personal coaching from our expert tutors. Your teacher will help you to identify your strong and weak OET exam skills, so you know exactly what to focus on to pass your test.


Our library of OET recorded classes, is available so you can easily catch up if you miss an OET live class or English skills class. These videos are available to watch whenever fits in with your schedule.


In your E2 package, you will receive hundreds of grammar video lessons. These classes with expert tutors teach you all the grammar skills you need in order to get the highest score in your OET test.


We are confident you will improve your OET score with E2. That’s why we back our packages with a money-back guarantee. Just choose a Bronze, Silver or Gold package to enjoy peace of mind in your test preparation journey.


Packages OET

Whether you have a long or short time to prepare for your test, there is an E2 OET package to suit you. Our approach combines the convenience of online practice materials with support from our dedicated teachers, who offer personal feedback and guidance.

Within each package, you can use E2’s free score estimator to find out your estimated score range. This will help you to know how you are doing in each of the four skills and which ones you need to focus on to get the highest score. You can attend live classes every week. You will also have access to OET practice tests, and you can get individual attention from your tutor in our one-on-one OET tutorials.

For access to full OET study material online for a long time, our Gold Package will be best for you. It unlocks all of our study material so you can practise to the fullest. We also offer Silver and Bronze Packages, if you need to prepare over a shorter period of time or don’t require so much assistance.

So, just choose the package that is best for you, use your OET login and begin preparing for test day success today.

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OET teachers

Our OET teachers are university trained English teachers or linguistics experts and are TESOL, British Council or OET certified trainers. All of our OET teachers are ex-examiners or have years of experience as OET trainers.

Eunice from Australia BA, Dip Ed, Cambridge CTEFLA
Marie-Claire from the UK BA, CELTA, DELTA
Jennifer from the USA BA, Master of Applied Linguistics TESOL
Judy from Australia CELTA
Lana from Australia BA, Master of Education (TESOL)
Helen from the UK MA (Oxon), PGCE, CELTA