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IELTS Academic
The Mock Test is a MUST!

I am very glad I didn´t hesitate to pay for a package and a mock test. The package gave me access to so many resources, I didn´t even have the time to read and practice everything. I really enjoyed listening to the teachers in the videos, the way they explain everything and give so many tips were really helpful.

The mock test is a MUST. I can honestly say that without it, I would have failed. The feedback from the tutors is so valuable. Both Sasha for the speaking part and Martha for the writing tasks told me exactly what my strengths were and where I could easily improve. I am so grateful to them both.


Passed on the Express Package

Nailed the essay-writing

I looked at my test report so many times because I really can't believe it. It was my fourth time. Even if you have really good English but you don't have the big variety of complex sentences you get a lower score. That was the key.

With the tutorial you can go for a solution on how to not make the same mistakes again, how to improve. I can write 100 essays in a week but if I don't get feedback I won't get better. Thank you for all your help


Passed on the Bronze Package

Learn from the E2 experts

I like how easy it is to understand and follow your structure, especially in the writing part. The E2 site was not difficult to use and have lots of good materials. The teachers are nice and of course knowledgeable. Thank you, sir Sasha, sir Graeme, Ms. Marie-Claire, Ms. Anna ad sir Jackson.


Passed on the Bronze Package

Huge boost from Mock Test

The mock test was a huge boost for me in terms of confidence as I got good scores and felt satisfied with the resources provided by E2. The teacher feedback given was accurate and helped me rectify my mistakes hence all the above points mentioned took me close to the desired score.


Passed on the Express+ Package

Writing feedback recommended

I needed someone who really knows what is right or what is wrong about my skills. I had around 4 feedback sessions on my writing and they were really helpful


Passed on the Bronze Package

IELTS General
Never give up

I believe this one of the best moments of my life. After failing 7 times, and finally getting the score after the tutorial. I couldn't thank you enough for your efforts, dedication and believing in me. Ever since I joined E2, you guided me so well. Because of that I was able to get my desired score. Which I couldn't even think in my dreams.


From India
passed on the Power Package

Scored a Band 8

E2 Test Prep helped me achieve the desired band in the IELTS test. The overall band is 8 (Reading 8.5, Listening 8.0, Writing 7.5 & Speaking 7.5). Because of work commitments, I had only 4-5 weeks to prepare before the test, and I must admit that the Study Pathway contents were a savior.

The contents, templates and the practice questions had a profound impact on the preparations and ultimately the rest result. I thank the E2 team for being my mentor for the IELTS test - thanks a million!


passed on the Bronze Package

Moving to Canada

E2 really helped me with structures. I didn't know I needed a particular plan. In that way, it was really helpful. I wouldn't be able to get the score without your assistance, Anna.


passed on the Bronze Package

Scored a Band 7.5

I am one of your bronze package students and I am writing to share the good news! I got overall 7.5 in IELTS general. I would like to thank Jay, Alex, Mel M, Peter and other teachers who gave me feedback, corrections, and method videos.

I am very happy and wanted to share it with you guys as well. Once again Thank you for the amazing platform.


passed on the Bronze Package

Scored a Band 8

With the methods that I learned through the recorded classes, I managed to understand each section in depth.

I attended two more live classes after I received my results and want to say thank you to all the lecturers and organizers.


passed on the Power Package

OET Doctors
Scored Grade B

I have taken writing assessments and lectures from your teachers.Thank you for your great support, I got all Bs and I've gotten a ticket to work in Australia.
I appreciate your sophisticated material and your teacher's effort to improve my English skills. What you are doing now is wonderful for all who are struggling to study English to get appropriate scores on an OET. I believe that you are the No.1 site to prepare for an OET. Thank you again for helping me study for an OET.


Passed on the Bronze Package

Scored Grade B

I am very grateful to E2 for helping me pass the OET test with amazing scores. I have gone through the videos and tests which are available in the package and it has aided me perfectly to achieve my scores. My scores: Reading - 460 Listening - 460 Speaking - 430 Writing - 370 Thanks a lot, E2!


Passed on the Bronze Package

Scored Grade B

I had taken the mini mock test for OET Medicine 3 days before my actual test. Today I got my scores and I am so happy as I achieved my target. Thank you.


Passed on the Express+ Package

Wonderful Support team

I got 430 in listening and speaking, 400 in reading and 370 in writing. I am really thankful to all teachers of OET, especially, Jennifer mam, Judy mam, Marie mam and not forgetting Jay, whose videos I watched first before I joined E2. Fantastic teachers. Very grateful to all of them for guiding me and boosting my confidence.

Also, the wonderful support team were so quick and efficient with their answers to all my queries. Thank you so much to the support team!! Hats off to the whole team of E2.

Dr Shahzadi

Passed on the Silver Package

OET Nurses
Scored Grade B

Good news... I have achieved the required scores. L(B), W(B), R(B), S(A). I doubt I would have achieved this on my own.

No words can express my gratitude to you for all your words of encouragement during my preparation for OET. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Judy you are such an admirable, kind and dedicated teacher. Thank you Judy and to all at E2 Language for making my dream of working in the UK true.


Saudi Arabia
Passed on the Bronze Package

Scored Grade B

I got my second OET exam result and am delighted with the achievement of B level for all 4 sections. You helped me a lot during this journey. I plan to go to Australia soon, and can't thank you enough for the support.


Passed on the Bronze Package

I love the teachers!

I loved the teachers – my tutorial with Sarah C was very helpful, Marie-Claire did the mock test speaking with me and that was great. In the live classes Judy was very encouraging.


Passed on the Show Time Package

Self-study with study pathway

I was glad that there were different programs to choose from depending on the area you'd like to improve. With self-discipline and perseverance, E2's OET study pathway has indeed helped a lot. Thank you!


passed on the Express Package

PTE Academic
Scored PTE 90

E2 helped me get the exact score I wanted! I managed to achieve 90 overall with my lowest score being 88 in writing and the rest being 90. This would not have been possible without Jay and the team, the resources provided are second to none and accurately reflect the difficulty on test day.

The mini mock test was invaluable and the feedback helped me adjust my learning in the final week. I only had the express + package but it was worth every penny!


United Kingdom
Passed on the Express+ Package

Be a master in each test!

Tutorials are productive to focus on our weak areas. E2 study material is helpful to practice but also live class play a significant role in getting feedback if we have any questions. I would like to say that learn the method, practice the method and get feedback. Be serious in your studies. Practice each task till you become a master at it.


PTE Academic

Study postgrad in Australia

I really like the teacher’s feedback on Speaking and Writing because it helped me clearly understand the areas I need to improve on. The mini mock test with detailed feedback also prepared me on what to expect on test day. The expert feedback and advice were valuable in my study.


Passed on the Silver Package

Scored PTE 82

E2 helped me to prepare for the PTE Academic. I just spent a week and I am able to a get good marks with an overall score of 82.

I just missed 1 mark in writing to qualify for the 1st level score for migration.

Speaking - 90 Writing - 78 Reading - 79 Listening - 82


Passed on the Silver Package

Scored PTE 80

I passed my PTE exam. I got speaking 90, listening 86, reading 70 and writing 77. I am grateful for all the expert teachers for giving helpful tips and advice during live class.

Special mention to Danielle, she is one of the best teachers in this platform. I purchased express+ and I finished all the live classes :) Thank you so much again, and I am so happy that I got to know e2language.


Passed on the Express+ ackage

Scored PTE 90

The PTE Express was worth it. Everything about it was helpful especially the recorded classes. Thank you once again. This will help me to become a psychologist in the future. Kudos to you all.

Thank you for the videos and for creating E2. I was only hoping for either 72 or 65 for all the skills. I managed to get 90 in all communicative skills.


Saudi Arabia
Passed on the Express package

CELPIP General
Canada PR acquired!

After receiving a 9 on my CELPIP, I was able to get my Permanent Resident card and get a job in my field as a Marine Biologist. I now work as a Fish Health Technician on Vancouver Island.